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OMEGA Fertility Center

The OMEGA Fertility Center offers the most advanced fertility assessment and treatment options through individualized and compassionate care, guided by the highest ethical standards. I designed the logo for the center and together we developed a patient-centered website that explains options offered by OMEGA and gives access to vital fertility resources.


Patient-centered design

The site is made for prospective patients and those seeking more information on fertility options. The key services offered by OMEGA and their fertility specialist physicians are clearly presented. Contact information for the center is integrated into each page, with a simple referral form download.

Simplified referral & appointment process

Prospective patients can visit the site to download a referral form or fill out a form to request an appointment. All of the center's contact details and documents for patients are conveniently organized in one spot.

Extensive & organized resources

The conditions that are addressed by the OMEGA Fertility Center increase stress levels and raise countless questions. In an effort to answer as many questions as possible and reduce stress by providing as much information as available, OMEGA's website features an easily navigated resources page with a vast collection of articles and links.

OMEGA Fertility Center Logo