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London Sailing Club

A re-imagined and modernized platform enables London's sailing club to engage with its members and the public through their new website and social media presence. This powerful, event-focused site automatically integrates with the club's Facebook page to maintain a dynamic listing of upcoming events, without requiring manual input from a volunteer. As part of an ongoing community project of mine, this site continues to receive upgrades and improvements to ensure it is one of the best sailing club websites in Ontario.


Streamlined Home Page

The club's home page features the most important upcoming events, dynamically chosen and sorted based on the relevance and interest for club members and the general public. A complete listing of upcoming events is available in the side column, including a tab to view the events in a miniature calendar month view.

Practical Event Calendars

In addition to being featured on club's Facebook page, events on the website can be accessed via three different views: an entire year calendar, a single month calendar, or in a list. All calendar views automatically mirror any updates and changes while maintaining a consistent colour coding for the categories of events.

Piggybacked Photo Albums

Synced with the club's Facebook page, the website dynamically mirrors all photos uploaded to Facebook. This enables the club to take advantage of Facebook's user experience while uploading and unlimited storage space. This fits the club's limited budget and seamlessly integrates photo from Facebook with obvious association to it or its advertisements.

Rapid Race Result Publishing

Results from sailing regattas are published at blistering speeds on the website, expanding an archive of results that surpasses that of any other Canadian sailing club. Links to personalized profiles are automatically established, highlighting the past results and photo tags of each sailor. Combined with an automated importing process, this mapping and sailor linking in the results is completed instantaneously with no additional user input.

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