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As a superior air transport business, NavigatAir Inc. needed a website and a logo that conveyed their passion for flying. I helped them to achieve that vision on both projects. The professional, clean-cut logo I designed was utilized on all marketing material and the tail fin of each plane in the NavigatAir fleet.

A design that defined flying

The website featured a stylized and customized design that reflected the professionalism, class, and luxury that defined flying with NavigatAir. The primary services offered by the company were private jet charters for passengers and organ transplant relocations.

Branded tail fins

Each aircraft in the fleet sported the symbol version of NavigatAir's logo. It was prominently placed on the tail fin and outer body of each plane. As with all logos I design, vector file formats allow the graphic to be reproduced at any size, even extremely large, without loss of quality.

Online calendar and quote requests

Integrated with a calendar of available times, the site featured a quote request page which enabled users to plan a trip with NavigatAir. All required information was collected, including dates and times, departure and destination airports, and number of passengers.

NavigatAir Logo

Technologies Used