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Gheller Metalworks

In need of a website that reflected their skill and quality, Gheller Metalworks, talented metalworkers in Windsor, Ontario, approached me to help them out. The resulting website is a showcase of his craftsmanship and has been the source of numerous sales leads. I also designed their company logo.


One page says it all

Keeping with the latest design trends, the website for Gheller Metalworks is a scrolling, single page. Clicking on a navigation element automatically animates the page to scroll to the associated section.

Clean, interactive portfolio

Projects completed by Gheller Metalworks are organized into a cleanly presented grid. Site viewers can interact with each project enlarging to the full screen size. This interaction works on both mobile and desktop devices.

Essential contact form

Allowing customers to connect with you quickly and easily is always appreciated. An integrated contact form is essential to achieve that. Once filled out by potential customers, their messages are automatically e-mailed to the right destination. Gheller Metalworks uses this form to establish first contact with customers surfing the web.

Technologies Used