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Clinical Neurological Sciences

My extensive and rewarding collaboration with this department started in 2005. The Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences at Western University in London, Ontario, is one of the few organizations in Canada that hires both physicians and surgeons. This creates a higher level of collaboration, and a competitive advantage in the treatment of complex neurological disorders.

After 12 years, the continued development of this site ended when the department's parent organization internalized all marketing. During that decade, the department was always expanding and modernizing its online presence while looking to add new features and capabilities beyond the typical University website requirements.

An informational hub

The site was an informational hub for patients, physicians, and hospital staff at University Hospital in London, Ontario. The site featured emergency referral instructions, department events, on-call and round schedules, and the latest news articles.

Vast collection of tools

Numerous "mini-sites" were added as expansions to the site over the years, and included a password-protected staff portal, private photo galleries and file sharing, and the massive Evidence-Based Neurology database repository which stored medical research documents accessible by name, specialty, and sub-categories.

Easily maintained content

All content on the site was easily maintained by the doctors and their secretaries using "Admin Area", a custom content management system (CMS) I programmed. Admin Area was quickly adapted to the changing requirements of the department and rapidly advanced to handle the expanding collection of tools and content on the site.

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