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Pivoting Underwater Camera Arm for Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

Instantly switch between filming the perspective of the paddler and the underwater world below.

This versatile camera arm offers a stable mounting point for multiple waterproof action cameras. With its pivot point, the arm can quickly and effortlessly move the cameras in and out of the water. Moments with dolphins, manatees, and whales are rare - when there's one swimming right under your board, that's an encounter you won't want to miss. Within seconds, you can submerge this arm to film the action underwater.

Installation and removal of this arm is simple and fast. It attaches to stand up paddle boards in under 30 seconds using a customized fin and bungee cord. It's compact and easily transported when folded in its downward position.

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Design Considerations

Camera Control

Attached to the pivoting arm, the cameras are always accessible and within reach to change the pointing angles, recording modes, or batteries. It is incredibly easy to switch between camera angles above and below the water, even with only a single camera.

Why not attach cameras directly to the underside of the board, say mounted on a fin?

  • The cameras would not be physically accessible when paddling
  • Adjusting the camera angles would be a difficult task (and you might get soaked doing it)
  • In the absence of a WiFi remote (that works underwater), you would have to start recording when you launch
  • The cameras would film continuously until you could reach them or until the battery life expires

This pivot arm solves all of these issues while giving the same underwater view that a fin-mounted camera would.


Having a stable and secure camera mount is critical to capturing shake-free, high-quality action footage.

Unlike most action camera mounts that offer a single camera position, the pivoting camera arm offers two stable configurations: above and below the water. And you can switch between them in seconds.

  • Along with a solid connection to the fin of the paddle board, the pivot arm uses bungee cord to stabilize the cameras and eliminate excess shakiness (due to paddling motion or waves)
  • The arm snaps into place and holds securely for both the above and below water configurations
  • The arm acts like an extension of the board, moving with it as if were permanently attached, when it actually takes under 30 seconds to install and remove

Pivoting Underwater Camera Arm Design Drawings

Pivot Point

The pivot point on this camera arm is the key design feature that differentiates it from all other camera mounts for paddling, adding versatility and function.

The actual position of the pivot along the arm has been precisely placed with several design features in mind:

  • The hinge connection remains out of the water, always within reach of the paddler
  • Once submerged, the mounted cameras go no deeper than the largest board fin. This ensures that should the board hit a rock or other object underwater in shallows depths, the replaceable fin makes first contact and shields the cameras.
  • The folded arm is compact for traveling and storage

Ease of Use

Installation and removal of this arm is easy and fast. You won't have to worry about additional prep or docking time - in less than 30 seconds, the arm can be attached to paddle boards (solid or inflatable), kayaks, or any other board with a fin.

Switching between the upright (above water) and down (underwater) positions while paddling could not be made any simpler. Push the arm to go down and pull it to bring it back up. It snaps into both positions and stays there.

Weight & Portability

Constructed using PVC piping, the arm is lightweight and durable. The added weight on the board in negligible and you will notice no affect on your paddling or steering, other than some slight drag when underwater as to be expected.

The pivot point allows the arm to fold into a compact and convenient size for traveling and storage. It will easily fit into a board bag or suitcase.