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White-tailed Deer of Ojibway Prairie

This two-year video project made headlines on CBC News when I captured footage of a coyote hunting deer; it was also featured by the Carolinian Canada Coalition.

Explore the Ojibway Prairie Complex in Windsor, Ontario, Canada as I follow its population of white-tailed deer over the course of a year, through all four seasons, starting in the summer and ending in the spring. Footage includes bucks locking antlers, a coyote giving chase, a curious doe inspecting a remote camera, and newborn fawns with their mothers.

In 2015 and 2016, I had the privilege of spending a considerable amount of time in Windsor at the Ojibway Prairie Complex - a spectacular natural area that offers an unrivaled immersion into a wilderness just minutes from the city. The complex is home to an incredible wealth of plants and animals. The visions I encountered were captivating and stunning and I have tried to showcase some of those moments in this video.

My time with these deer has also been captured in photographs available for viewing on my Instagram account.

The Ojibway Prairie Complex has hundreds of endangered plant and animal species and is the largest remaining native prairie habitat of its kind in Ontario. As such, the white-tailed deer are not often the primary attraction to the area as the rarer flora and fauna usually attract more attention. I was personally captivated by the life-cycle of the white-tailed deer and Ojibway Prairie's overwhelming opportunity to witness it.

None of the deer in this video were fed, baited, lured or otherwise coerced - I strived to capture the natural, undisturbed behavior granted that my presence was often noted by the deer. The Ojibway Prairie Complex is comprised of five unique sections: the Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve, the Tallgrass Prairie Heritage Park, Ojibway Park (and the Ojibway Nature Centre), the Spring Garden ANSI (area of natural scientific interest) and the Black Oak Heritage Park. Each section has its own distinct appearance and an incredible landscape to explore over and over again as the seasons change.


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